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Home Seller’s Guide

The Best Price for Any Property is Usually Achieved in the First 30 Days.

It’s imperative that preparation, promotion and that the price is right, the day your property hits the market!
If a property is overpriced, you will not get the buyer’s interest because the purchasers would want a better property for that price. On the other hand, if it is not promoted adequately you will again get insufficient buyers to achieve a successful sale.
PRICING: You do not need to decide an asking price (in consultation with your realtor) at the time of your property appraisal. Real buyers are put off by overpricing and thus the price range selling sets the range in which we can negotiate.
MARKETING: Marketing sets the stage & puts a spotlight on your home. It’s imperative that online & offline Marketing, especially the photographs & your property summary sheet meets their expectations.


1. Preparation Stage: In these 2 weeks or longer, if required, your property is prepared to perfection as are the marketing details.
2. The Marketing Phase: During this 3-week period, the property gets superb, constant quality promotion.
3. The Negotiation Phase: This is when the most intensive negotiations are expected to take place.
4. The Offer Evaluation Phase
Finally, as your realtor, I am on your side – you can rely on us to be:
• Your Trusted Consultant
• Your Skilled Negotiator and…
• The team who oversee all of your transaction details
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Veena Singh