A bit more expensive, these ideas are for homes with high listing prices or homes that need a little extra something to get to market price.

Add a Porch Swing

Best Curb Appeal Ideas

Who doesn’t love a porch swing? This one will work like a charm for urban exiles or retirees looking for a slice of the good life! Add some wind chimes, a small table with lemonade, and you’ll have them daydreaming about lazy summer Sundays on their front porch in no time flat.

Reseal or Replace Gravel in Driveway

Best Curb Appeal Ideas

Because it’s purely functional, many people overlook just how much front yard space a driveway actually takes up. If it’s in poor condition, that certainly doesn’t bode well for the rest of the house. A quick reseal or gravel delivery can reassure passersby that your listing is well maintained and read to move into!

 Power Washing

Best Curb Appeal Ideas

Sometimes you don’t know how grimy your stoop or patios are until you drag out the power washer. Who knows, you may discover beautiful granite pavers or perfect condition cobblestones after a quick power washing.

Cover Up Concrete With Natural Slate Tiles

Best Curb Appeal Ideas

Although replacing pavers can be prohibitively expensive, you may be surprised to learn that earthy, unique natural slate tiles are actually surprisingly affordable. Tiles that are 12×12 can be had for less than $2 per square foot at Home Depot.

You can go all out and professionally replace a walkway like this example, or just use them to create a garden pathway that looks a little nicer than cheap concrete pavers.

Make or Buy Window Shutters

Best Curb Appeal Ideas

If your listing doesn’t already have shutters, you can buy pre-made ones or build new ones with a contractor for less than you might expect. Even though they’ll be purely decorative, they’re a great way to break up the monotony of the exterior of a home. I wish more builders would add them.

Create a Front Yard Seating or Gardening Area

Best Curb Appeal Ideas

If you have a large enough front yard, why not carve out a little seating or gardening area? You do it on the cheap with say, a bird bath, some nicer chairs, and a small table.

Small Garden Around the Mailbox

Best Curb Appeal Ideas

Replacing the mailbox is great, but if you truly want to impress your potential clients, pay special attention to the plantings around the mailbox. Just make sure they’re local and seasonally appropriate.

 Install Window Boxes

Best Curb Appeal Ideas

Nothing says homey and cute like some window boxes overflowing with bright, happy flowers. While they’re not super difficult to build or install, if you’re going custom, it’s probably a good idea to hire a pro. After all, you’re dealing with moisture, weight, and possibly animal life on your window sills!

Decorate the Entry With Potted Plants or Trees

Best Curb Appeal Ideas

If you’re not lucky enough to have a listing with a shady entryway, you can always head out to your local home center and buy some cool-looking potted plants or small trees to bring some gravitas to your listing’s entryway.

Fence in Garbage Cans or Central AC Unit

Best Curb Appeal Ideas

There’s nothing worse than looking at someone else’s garbage. Of course, we hope you’ll convince your homeowner to not leave garbage out, but what about the garbage cans? What about that big ugly AC unit?

Instead of leaving it to chance, some cheap vinyl fencing pieces can cover up unsightly garbage cans or AC units in a matter of minutes. As an added bonus, fences are one of the easiest ways to add value to a home.

Source: https://theclose.com