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Housing Market Update: US Home Prices Rise 15% to Another All Time High

Median home price climbs to $320,644 as demand outpaces supply, with pending sales up 31% and new listings growing 8%. Key housing market takeaways for 434 U.S. metro areas during the four-week period ending October 11: READ MORE

UWM now offering 15 -year fixed mortgage rates as low as 1.875%

  Mortgage rates for a 15-year fixed currently sit at approximately 2.5%. However, customers of the nation’s second-biggest lender could soon receive an interest rate below 2%.   READ MORE

The Great American Housing Boom Has Begun

What if I told you that US housing is one of the best money-making opportunities today? You’d probably think I’m crazy. After all, how can anyone think housing is a good bet right now… especially in the middle of a global pandemic?   READ MORE

Dirtiest Things You Need To Clean Immediately

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How to Contain Your Children’s Clutter

Working from home during a pandemic is stressful enough without having to constantly pick up after your children. Here’s how to avoid it.   READ MORE

How Working From Home Is Changing The Way We think About Where We Live

Can you remember three months ago? In just 90 days, things have changed dramatically. Just 90 days. Yet, in that short amount of time, the way we think about where we live and how we live has completely changed   READ MORE


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The 5 Biggest Mistakes Veterans & Military Home Buyers Make

Having a place to call your own—whether you’re going to be there for four years or forever—is an essential part of the American dream.   READ MORE

For Some, Mortgage Forbearance Could Make It Harder To Get a New Loan in the Future

Homeowners who request relief from their payments on their federally funded mortgages amid the coronavirus pandemic won’t be penalized for it in the long run, the federal government announced on Tuesday. Read more..

Realtors can show houses again? Not so fast

As shelter-in-place rules loosen, confusion increases in San Francisco real estate market Just when it seemed like real estate was dead(ish), along comes a slightly relaxed version of shelter-in-place that allows for heavily restricted in-person home tours, freeing us from a dystopian future of virtual tours, virtual open houses and helpless agents watching from home […]